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    Meet The Lee Family

    LiLiPi Brand was founded by Oleg and Katia Lee in 2014. We have always been animal lovers. We have a variety of animals that roam and inhabit in our household and office. For many years we kept, in the back of our mind, what type of business that could play to our passion, but also bring happiness to others. We noticed the positive effect of animals on both the young and old. Oleg explains, “Not everyone can have a pet for a variety of reasons, but having life-like pillows that look like your favorite pet or animal brings the same enjoyment - and LiLiPi was born. 

    We focus on manufacturing our product in our facility located in Chicago, Illinois. By doing that, we are able to create American jobs and support local businesses.

    We understood long ago that animals and pets hold a special place in many people’s heart and it was our challenge to create a product that captured this feeling, so we created the highest quality life-like pillows in the market.

    Check out our How We Give page to learn more about how we give back to kids and create smiles. 
    - The Lee Family-